For a special occasion or fortuitous treat, think of us. Donuts will make your staff’s day!

At The Donut Baker, we work with you to create your corporate culture-centred catering, be it at your corporate event or an all-day staff event. With over 5 years of experience working with corporate, we can promptly deliver quality donuts at each of your location. So talk to us, we promise to surprise you by going above and beyond your expectations through the quality and variety of donuts we offer, the standard of service we provide and the special prices we offer for your company.


Donuts are popular for all events and are well-liked with kids and adults alike. With over 20 delicious varieties to choose from, in various icing colours and flavours, having donuts is bound to enhance your special event, get-together or party! And what more – we can provide you with personalised donuts.

If we currently don't offer it, we can customize the donut menu with your ideas, colour combinations, themes, etc. So, why not try your initials, name, memorial date or message on the donuts? We can also provide donuts as favours or return gifts, if you prefer, in clear bags with ribbon and a personalised tag! Or maybe try one of our Donut Towers at your event as a unique centre piece dessert. The possibilities are endless, and we will try our best to make it work for you! All our prices are very competitive and for bulk orders, you can avail special discounts.

Personalised Donuts are available at No Extra Cost, but have an order minimum of a 120 donuts.

Call +91 80 4112 7448 or +91 9686 669 180 for more information.